Adding Kerb appeal with a Resin Bound Driveway in Stockport.

The Driveway Experts will help you to improve the curb appeal of your home by installing a resin bound driveway. There are numerous benefits beyond the practical. Take a look through our article to determine if a resin bound driveway would be a good choice to improve your home’s appearance.

What is a resin bound surface?

Resin-bound surfaces combine natural stone aggregate with resin to create a smooth and attractive finish. This will strengthen your driveway and paths, thereby extending the life of your kerb appeal. It’s great news for anyone with a driveway dip. Because the material is porous, it will absorb rainwater, allowing it to drain. This will prevent rainwater from accumulating in an unattractive pool.

Is there a difference between a resinbound and bonded surface? Bonded surfaces consist of a resin layer, then a layer over it with aggregate. It is left to settle. Excess aggregate will be removed, creating a natural, stoney finish. A bonded surface gives you the best of both the worlds. The surfacing is stable but leaves behind a loose stone appearance.

Range of colours and sizes

You might be asking, “How many colors and sizes are there for a resin-bound driveway?”

You have many options for colors to add a personal touch on your driveway. You can choose from blacks, browns or golds as well as greys, whites, and many stone colour combinations. Resin surface performance and durability will not be affected by many of these colours.

You can also decide the size of the stone you want. This is another great step in ensuring that your requirements are met. Smaller stones will be used for driveways. Larger stones will be used to make pathways, business entrances and parking lots. You should be passionate about your choices and not settle for anything that isn’t right for you. You have the freedom to choose from subtle or bold colours, and you can also select the right stone size.

Easy maintenance

A smooth driveway can increase the property’s value and its safety. A resin-bound surface looks great and can prevent your car from getting damaged by hitting potholes or cracks.

  • Thanks to the resin embedded in the aggregate, resin driveways can reduce the growth and spread of weeds. It creates a barrier that prevents weeds from growing between blocks. Resin is an excellent surfacing option that will allow you to spend more time enjoying the summer. Resin is also a time-saver as it eliminates the tedious task of regular weeding.

You can also add kerb appeal to your home.

You can add kerb appeal to your home if you are selling it or simply looking for a way to make a big change. It is easy and only takes a few steps. Here are some ways to make your goal more achievable.

  • Gates – a simple way to increase your kerb appeal while adding security. There are many gates on offer, so you’re sure to find the right one for you. A gate can add mystery and wonder to your home.
  • Lawn – It is a good idea to think about colour and scent when choosing plants for your lawn. Plants like poppies, lavender and tulips will give your garden a wonderful array of colours. Also, the lavender smell is great for adding that WOW factor. Planting plants is great in summer, but it’s also a good idea to plant evergreens in winter to keep your front yard looking lively and interesting.
  • Front door – create a grand entrance with a lavish front door! There is an approach that works for everyone, regardless of the size of your home. Also, consider the style, colour and shape of your new door.
  • Knockers and numbers – add them to your front door! These simple touches can help guests find your house. A knocker is also visually appealing and an easy way to get the homeowner’s attention.

We hope you found this article helpful in understanding how a resin bound driveway can enhance your home’s curb appeal. Contact our friendly team for more information.

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