What are the benefits of a resin bound patio in Stockport?

Your thoughts might be turning towards summer with the arrival of summer just a few short months away. Patios can transform your garden and create an outdoor living space where you can socialize, relax, and enjoy the sun. A resin bound patio is a good choice because of its amazing properties. It is not only attractive, but it is also very durable and sustainable. You will find many benefits to a resin bound outdoor patio.

Resin Bound Patios are a beautiful and decorative finish

A resin bound patio offers a more attractive surface than other types. The Driveway Experts provides a range of resin bound patios for customers in Chesterfield, Doncaster, Sheffield. We make it easy for our customers to design a surface that best suits their needs. There are many design options that can be created to create the perfect outdoor space. Many commercial customers have added their logos to resin patios. This creates a striking outside space that stands out from the rest. When creating your patio, we are able to mix different types of natural stones. This will ensure that you get the look you want.

Durable and long-lasting

A resin bound patio can be expected to last for many years. Resin is very durable and can be used for many years. The Driveway Experts have been installing resin bound patios in the area for many years, and have a great reputation. The 10-year guarantee we offer on resin patios is not enough. But, you can still expect it to last much longer. Resin patios can last up to 25-years if properly maintained.

Many people wonder if resin bound patios are as strong and as durable as those made from resin bonded. But it is important that you note that bound patios are much stronger and last longer. The main reason is that the thickness of bonded is 3mm thicker than that of bound surfacing.

Low Maintenance

A resin bound patio won’t require you to clean it every weekend. Some maintenance is necessary but it’s usually not too much. Regular brushing with a stiff bristle will remove leaves and other debris. A regular jet wash can be used to remove any stains or foreign bodies. For expert advice regarding maintaining your resin patio, please don’t hesitate getting in touch with us. We provide excellent aftercare that will keep your patio looking great long after it is installed.

Weed resistant

Resin bound patios resist weeds, which is one of their best qualities. This porous surface doesn’t retain water. The porous nature of this surfacing prevents water from reaching organic matter. This prevents roots taking root and growing upward through the patio. The resin patios have one continuous surface which means that there are less joints for weeds. The more traditional surfacing materials such as concrete and paving slabs, are more likely to have weeds. There’s no need to be concerned about unsightly weeds ruining your patio’s beauty.

Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDs) compliant

The government passed legislation in 2008 stating that permeable paving should not exceed 5m from the front of a home. Any non-permeable surfacing will require planning permission. It is best to choose permeable materials such as resin bound stones if you are planning to put a patio on the front of your house. Because resin bound patios can be referred to as Sustainable Urban Drainage, (SUDs), they are approved by The Environmental Agency. This is because they reduce surface water runoff and the possibility of flooding. Resin bound patios are less likely than other types to be subject to flooding.

UV stable resin

The resin used to hold the aggregates in place is UV stable. This is why resin bound patios are so popular. The resin is UV stable and won’t easily be damaged by sunlight. It won’t fade or degrade over time. You can expect your resin bound patio to look great for many years, unlike other surfacing options.

Anti-slip properties

The patios made from resin bound are slip-resistant. This means you and your guests won’t have to worry about having any accidents while enjoying your outside space. This type of surfacing has no loose stones. This is due to how we combine and then trowel aggregates and resin. Resin patios are very safe because they have a flat, smooth finish. They are also able to accommodate pushchairs and wheelchairs. This is especially helpful in commercial settings like restaurants, cafes, or bars where it is important to make sure everyone feels welcome and included. Resin patios offer the ideal outdoor seating for your customers.

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