When is the best time to lay a resin driveway or patio in Stockport?

Whilst it is true that there are certain conditions required in order to lay a resin bound stone patio, pathway or driveway, there is actually no such thing as ‘the best time to do it’ provided that it is laid within the parameters required. As such, resin bound stone can be laid at any time of the year.

The resin that we use for our projects is a polyurethane resin. This cures through what is known as an exothermic reaction and as a result, is heavily influenced by both weather and humidity.

An experienced contractor will measure and gauge the moisture in the ground and air prior to installation in addition to the dew point and ensuring that the temperature remains above 5 degrees Celsius whilst the resin is curing.

Whilst the weather has a significant impact on the way that the resin cures, the curing time can be manipulated and controlled by using a specialist catalyst product to quicken the process. In essence, the way that this works is that during the summer, less catalyst is required whereas during the winter, it is necessary to add more to ensure proper curing.

With projects that require preparatory works, the winter months can have a severe effect on the way in which jobs are completed. The primary reason for this is that if the temperature drops below 5 degrees, concrete cannot be laid as it will not cure and tarmac cools much too quickly and therefore cannot be adequately spread.

Despite the various disadvantages that come with the winter period, it may still be the right time to book a resin project or refurbishment due to company sales and discounts in the quiet periods. It is however essential to ensure that the work is guaranteed – an insurance backed guarantee is a way of having a fail-safe, peace of mind tool.

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