Why Resin Driveways Are a Top Choice Amongst Customers in Stockport?

Among the few things about your house that might impress the visitors, a well maintained beautiful driveway would be on top of the list. A plain driveway may not do much for your home however resin driveways are eye-catching and attention-grabbing at the same time. The quality of your driveway enhances the market value of your home while simultaneously adding a sophisticated look to the entrance of your residence. A driveway is a speedy method of home improvement particularly in the exterior segment of the residence. Owing to its versatile nature, resin driveways are the top choice among customers as compared to block paving driveway. These kinds of driveways can be paved accordingly due to its flexibility.

With each passing day, people are turning away from the traditional patterned driveways and are looking for ways to enhance the outer appeal of their home. This is one of the reasons why driveway paving is gaining such popularity among the people. Apart from the obvious mentioned factors, resin driveways are hardwearing, easy to lay on the surface and slip-resistant making it nearly impossible for any kind accidents to occur. These driveways are constructed with scatter coat technique which is quite cheaper to Trowelled method, as the resin is laid only at the base of the driveway. Compared with other kinds of driveway material resin get dry quickly and can withstand traffic for hours. It is because of such features that they are perfect for the home.

However, before deciding on the kind of driveway you want for your home, there are a few points you need to consider. Among some of the things that need proper maintenance in order to keep the ambience safe for the family is the driveway. Resin or block driveways require should only be opted if you can maintain it. The number and size of cars should also be thought of as average cars need ten feet driveways while larger vehicles may require twenty. The shape of a driveway play a major role in whether can you have a place to park the car before driving to the traffic. And last but not the least the material that should be used while constructing a driveway. Paving slabs are more affordable as compared to resin, block or asphalt driveway materials. Here are a few reasons why resin driveways are a top choice among customers:

Quick Installation

Resin driveways are incredibly easy to install as the material doesn’t take much time to dry. For an average sized driveway, it would hardly take 2 days for a resin driveway to be completely installed. After being laid for 6 hours it can be used for withstanding traffic allowing you to enjoy the driveways in no time. It is a hassle-free process and doesn’t involve the troublesome evacuation.

Attractive Appearance

If your aim is to have a beautiful driveway then resin would be a great choice. The stones come in diverse shapes and sizes and therefore you can choose according to requirement while matching the exterior of your home with the driveway. The material offers a smooth finish adding a sophisticated look while enhancing the visual appeal.

Variety of Purposes

The resin surfaces can be used for various reasons as they are non-slippery in nature. Wheelchair ramps, footpaths, residential walkways or play areas for children. These are versatile in nature and are a good investment in the long run. They are more durable as compared to other driveway building materials.


Maintaining a resin surface is easy due to its surface and layout. All you need to do is wash it twice or thrice a week to keep it in good condition. Also, the surface of resin doesn’t allow any weed to grow hence you don’t have to worry about the driveway being damaged.

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